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How-to: Build your own Pirate Kiosk

Ok, we'll try to explain how to built your own The Pirate Kiosk. You need 3 things:

  • a database dump of The Pirate Bay and/or all the torrent files hosted there
  • a tracker software and
  • a website

At first, we downloaded a dump of TPB from TPB itself. After that, we downloaded some pages from TPB and defaced the HTML, but you don't really have to this. All you need is a website indexing all the torrents you have. That is still our biggest problem, we have no solution for a working details.php nor for getting the .torrent out of the database. So we just linked to the .torrents we downloaded here, here and here (you need all of these three). K, now you have the site, and hopefully an index, but no tracker. We encourage you to use the opentracker, powering both TPB and TPK. The opentracker is available here. There is a tutorial available on BTarena, but you don't all of the apache stuff (especially vhost configuration), since the tutorial is written for people joining the (online) BTarena network.

Yeah, and after some Club-Mate, Photoshopping and apache2 mod_alias vodoo we got an running copy of the Bay for your hood.

(Or you can paper-craft your own.)

As a next step we want to create a dump of your code. Also, we still dream of a Pirate Kiosk kiosk-software. There should be pretty easy solution involving Linux Live CDs or somehing like this. If you know the voodo to do this, plz tell us 🙂
Don't hesitate to contact our development department at