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a few comments

There are quite a few conversations and discussion going on at different places in the Internet right now. The sheer mass of them makes it impossible to answer everything, so we would like to add the following general comments.

  • Some people wished that the Kiosk should be connected to the Internet. That would be pointless. TPB is still up running and there are services ready to replace them (in the Internet) if they should ever sink. Why are we certain about it? The power of TPB lies in the swarm, and thats YOU.
  • Quite many users fantasized about connecting several of this Kiosks to some inner-city network (with wires or without). This is basicly the decade-old dream of a very big, very cool WAN-Party. Although it would make sense to do it, we choose not do connect it because we wanted to establish this Kiosk as a self-contained piece. But: The router we used is running OpenWRT, and like in Berlin, there is also a freifunk wireless meshed city network present in Weimar, called weimarnetz. We haven't checked out if the Sophienstiftsplatz is in range, but in theory all that it would take to make this dream come true is a firmware update.
  • When you download a torrent from the Kiosk and you hope to get the content, you have to make shure that somebody else with that file comes there. "Spread the word, wait for peers!"
  • We encourage everybody to build your own Pirate Kiosks. For starters, there is a PDF for those of you who want to build a paper craft version. We will post technical instructions on how to build a working one soon.
  • Yes, it does work. Some british dude actually checked it out and made a video about it: