The Pirate Kiosk is now LIVE


Dear users and abusers, dear Elders of the Internet,

the Kiosk of Piracy is proud to announce the launch of "The Pirate Kiosk"! From last night own, a copy of the infamous Pirate Bay is available to the public, but – here comes the catch – offline-only. Yes, offline, the Kiosk is not connected to the Internet in any way, but the interested public is invited to use the service in a wifi-radius around it.

With our newest project, we are joining the work of the dear people and groups which managed to duplicate the contents of The Pirate Bay on other places in the Net. We want to show in a very physical way that the Internet is neither a machine nor controllable in any way – it is just a system of agreements which work in any circumstances. We don't need the Internet – the magic can happen anywhere.

The Pirate Kiosk features a webinterface similar to it's online brother (reachable under http://kioskofpiracy.orgIF you are in wifi range), a tracker service (under, a growing backup of most of the Bay's .torrent files and the ability to upload files which will be added to the integrated Seedbox.

Some Pictures:

kioskofpiracy-IMG_0016 kioskofpiracy-IMG_0015 kioskofpiracy-2009-09-07-03.05.28 kioskofpiracy-2009-09-07-03.30.37 kioskofpiracy-2009-09-07-03.31.02 kioskofpiracy-2009-09-07-03.31.35


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