tpb torrents upto 5,077,257

We have backed up The Pirate Bays torrents in the range from 5,000,000 to 5,077,257.

This is the first step to ensure the future availability of pirated content, not only in the Internetz. To reach this goal, we will further backup all available torrents and add them to our own offline tracker, opening this weekend.
This tracker, dubbed The Pirate Kiosk will establish the first torrent tracker in public space and provide a service similar to The Pirate Bay.

ned@tortuga:~/tpbdump/5$ ./ 5000000 5100000
#wget cinema for a few hours

ned@tortuga:~/tpbdump/$ tar -cjvvf 5.tar.bz2 5/
#tar & bz2 cinema for an hour or so

ned@tortuga:~/tpbdump$ du --si 5/
1,2G 5/

ned@tortuga:~/tpbdump$ du --si 5.tar.bz2
975M 5.tar.bz2

ned@tortuga:~/tpbdump/5$ ls -l | grep -v ^l | wc -l