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The Weimar-based KoCA — Kiosk of Contemporary Art was squatted by Anonymous, using it to install the Kiosk of Piracy there. The KOP aims to be a think tank and physical host for offline net activism, such as projects about the sense and absense of copyright and intellectual property (aka Copyfight).

The first project by KOP is The Pirate Kiosk, the world’s largest offline Bittorrent tracker. It is a extended copy of running on a dedicated server inside the Kiosk. It is not connected to the Internet, though providing all the services (web archive, torrent tracker, upload function) via Wifi in a 100-200m range around the Sophienstiftplatz in Weimar.

Upcoming next project: YouKiosk
To further praise the remix culture entertaining, influencing and inspring millions of people everyday in the form of mashups, memes we also display a user generated selection of those videos available on YouTube. This list will also be made available online on YouKiosk.