The Future is here: Piracy now fits in your pocket

Well, it almost fits in your pocket, depending on your pants, your mileage may vary.

Thanks to David Darts, there seems no need anymore for a hard-to-carry-around Kiosk of Piracy.
Check out it for yourself:

The PirateBox

PirateBox is a self-contained mobile collaboration and file sharing device. Simply turn it on to transform any space into a free and open file sharing network

DIY PirateBox was created by David Darts and is registered under the Free Art License (FAL 1.3). The Free Art License grants the right to freely copy, distribute, and transform creative works according to the principles of copyleft.


Kiosk Boot Screen on Mac OS X

While your still waiting for the kOS (Kiosk Operation System) you can mod your boot screen on Mac with this little helper and one of these logos.

Kopimi Kiosk Skull


Is this the end?

The end of the Kiosk of Piracy


We have been kiosked?

Today KIOSK09 appropriated the Kiosk of Piracy. Who pirated who?


We are on now is a great wiki about hackerspaces worldwide. We added the Kisok as a hackerspace and our running projects (TPK & KOP OS). We are looking for some help with the KOP OS.


Netzgemeinde feiert Piratenkiosk

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How-to: Build your own Pirate Kiosk

Ok, we'll try to explain how to built your own The Pirate Kiosk. You need 3 things:

  • a database dump of The Pirate Bay and/or all the torrent files hosted there
  • a tracker software and
  • a website

At first, we downloaded a dump of TPB from TPB itself. After that, we downloaded some pages from TPB and defaced the HTML, but you don't really have to this. All you need is a website indexing all the torrents you have. That is still our biggest problem, we have no solution for a working details.php nor for getting the .torrent out of the database. So we just linked to the .torrents we downloaded here, here and here (you need all of these three). K, now you have the site, and hopefully an index, but no tracker. We encourage you to use the opentracker, powering both TPB and TPK. The opentracker is available here. There is a tutorial available on BTarena, but you don't all of the apache stuff (especially vhost configuration), since the tutorial is written for people joining the (online) BTarena network.

Yeah, and after some Club-Mate, Photoshopping and apache2 mod_alias vodoo we got an running copy of the Bay for your hood.

(Or you can paper-craft your own.)

As a next step we want to create a dump of your code. Also, we still dream of a Pirate Kiosk kiosk-software. There should be pretty easy solution involving Linux Live CDs or somehing like this. If you know the voodo to do this, plz tell us 🙂
Don't hesitate to contact our development department at

Blog, tpk

a few comments

There are quite a few conversations and discussion going on at different places in the Internet right now. The sheer mass of them makes it impossible to answer everything, so we would like to add the following general comments.

  • Some people wished that the Kiosk should be connected to the Internet. That would be pointless. TPB is still up running and there are services ready to replace them (in the Internet) if they should ever sink. Why are we certain about it? The power of TPB lies in the swarm, and thats YOU.
  • Quite many users fantasized about connecting several of this Kiosks to some inner-city network (with wires or without). This is basicly the decade-old dream of a very big, very cool WAN-Party. Although it would make sense to do it, we choose not do connect it because we wanted to establish this Kiosk as a self-contained piece. But: The router we used is running OpenWRT, and like in Berlin, there is also a freifunk wireless meshed city network present in Weimar, called weimarnetz. We haven't checked out if the Sophienstiftsplatz is in range, but in theory all that it would take to make this dream come true is a firmware update.
  • When you download a torrent from the Kiosk and you hope to get the content, you have to make shure that somebody else with that file comes there. "Spread the word, wait for peers!"
  • We encourage everybody to build your own Pirate Kiosks. For starters, there is a PDF for those of you who want to build a paper craft version. We will post technical instructions on how to build a working one soon.
  • Yes, it does work. Some british dude actually checked it out and made a video about it:


Real Life Kiosk

We have some real digital fotos for your, in contrast to the previously seen pictures made with a telephone.


What is it? Online or Offline tracking?

The Pirate Kiosk at the Kiosk of Piracy based at the Sophienstiftsplatz serves .torrents with the following Tracker-URLs:

  • & - offline tracker url in the local WLAN ""
  • - #NoComment 😉
  • - 4 teh lulz
  • - oO #omg #wtf #BBQ! ~.~

What does it mean? After downloading a .torrent from The Pirate Kiosk, you are able to share your pirated content on a local space in Weimar with your friends or share over teh internetz with your 10 million best-buddy friends 😉